Senior Health Screen Consent Form

  • It is very important for the health of your pet to get a Senior comprehensive blood work panel at least once a year beginning at the age of five to seven years old (depending on breed). This allows us to screen for common physical conditions and abnormalities that can affect your pet that cannot and/or may not be evident on physical examination of your pet.

    The following conditions are examples of SERIOUS CONDITIONS that your pet can be screened for by allowing the yearly wellness blood work being:

    • Liver Disease
    • Kidney Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Anemia
    • Infection
    • Heartworm Disease
    • Cushing's Disease
    • Thyroid Disease
    • Effects of long term medications usages on internal organs
    • Pancreatic Disease
    • Protein Loss

    At least 20% of the blood work we do in senior aged pets (5-7 years and older) reveals abnormalities. The key to longer healthier quality of life for your pet is early detection and/or early intervention in therapy for disease related conditions. Our doctors firmly believe in a good physical exam externally as well as internally for your pet.

    The Senior Wellness Profile includes an Physical Exam, blood pressure test, CBC, Chemistry Panel, Heartworm test/Felv/FIV test, Thyroid Panel, Urinalysis, and a test to check for intestinal parasites for a discounted rate of $449.40.

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